PLENTIFALL at Floral Fantasy Singapore

It’s been an incredibly amazing year for us and we’ve had several pinch me moments. So thrilled to share our latest installation, PLENTIFALL, which is now on display at Floral Fantasy Dome at Gardens by the Bay. PLENTIFALL, a play on the words “plenty” and “fall”, is our way of showcasing the transformative, generous, dreamy essence of fall/autumn – with the main starlet of the show being this 1.20 meter hanging cornucopia which overflows with botanic goodness. Most of the gorgeous botanicals were foraged directly from Gardens by the Bay as our aim was to capture the beauty of nature and bring it indoors.

No details were too small for us and we made sure to add a lot of texture and warmth to our floral installation. We’re most proud that PLENTIFALL is a form of sustainable art as we used many repurposed items from the Gardens itself such as this huge brown tub and botanicals; and sourced this preloved (and very comfortable) antique bench!

Suspended Botanic Cornucopia

One of the most recognisable elements of Fall is the Cornucopia which originated from Ancient Greece. Better known as the “Horn of Plenty”, the word Cornucopia is derived from the Latin ‘Cornu copiae’, which translates into plentiful luck, abundance, wealth and giving of thanks. Traditional Cornucopias are usually constructed using natural straw or grapevines, and are hand-woven into a goat horn-shaped basket often overflowing with flowers and fruits. For this botanic design, we worked with Singapore’s oldest rattan makers, Hak Sheng & Co, to create this incredible hanging cornucopia that is suspended 3.50-meters and overflowing with beautiful botanical elements. Read more about Hak Sheng & Co.’s rattan business and our heartwarming experience working with them. Our aim for PLENTIFALL is to encapsulate the transformative, generous essence of fall/autumn. PLENTIFALL aims to give visitors of Floral Fantasy a few precious moments to wonder, reflect upon and cherish the fall spirit. It also aims to bestow bountiful blessings from Floral Fantasy, wishing its visitors an abundance of luck, good health and wealth.

Sustainable Art

No part of this installation utilises fresh botanicals in order to minimise the amount of waste produced and conserve what we did use. This installation is thoughtfully designed to last the duration of the Autumn 2019 season without needing any replenishment. What a lot of planning and adventure it’s been! We’re so grateful to have this opportunity to showcase our floral artistry at one of the top attractions in Singapore and highlight why sustainability is important to us. PLENTIFALL is now on display till mid-November 2019! Want to check out PLENTIFALL? You can buy your tickets at Floral Fantasy and check out some of our other installation work we’ve done around Singapore.

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