Floral Fantasy – The Whirl Flower Installation

Last year, Beverly’s Blooms had to honour to collaborate with Kristine Hakim (one of the most creative people in Singapore, as ranked by Tatler Magazine!), to create a floral art installation for the soft launch of Floral Fantasy; Gardens by the Bay Singapore’s newest dome.

The ‘Whirl Flower’ was born from Kirstine’s artistic vision to showcase the poetic nature of water and how it shapes the ocean, and is the beginning of life itself. We were delighted to help flesh out her vision using vibrant, multi-dimensional, textured and utopian-inspired florals. Using as close to the entire spectrum of colour as we could get was a decision we made to mirror the fluid, dynamic and bursting nature of the ocean and the life housed within it.

The design also capitalises on the movement of the ocean by having some blooms and foliage “swim” around the central component of the installation. We also especially loved getting to play with such a vast variety of different types of flowers and used our favourite blooms like ginger flowers, anthuriums, heliconias and the most amazing orchids – like these stunning black and pink freckled ones!

As described at the event itself:

“Within water, there is life. The flowers used in this floral installation represents the beauty and fabric of the ocean in all its full-colour and intensity. Fish swims sometime along with the current and yet against it sometimes, and that’s how we placed our flowers in a symphony of unique. Whichever way they go, fishes are symbols of abundance and that life will always find a way to survive. Sometimes, they skim close to the surface, and sometimes they would jump out with full force, breaking the stillness of the water surface.”

Beautiful, right? We had such an incredible experience working with Kristine and Gardens By The Bay to bring out the best of the floral design, and could not be more thrilled with how it turned out.

Our installation showcased on 24 November 2019 and was a part of the overall officiation of Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay Singapore by Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance.

Interested in a show-stopping floral installation for your business or home? Beverly’s Blooms would be delighted to help you turn your visions into unforgettable, real-life fantasies. Send us an email.


Kristine Hakim is a renowned milliner who makes intricate and beautifully designed hats as part of her own boutique label, Eskpade Millinery (@eskpade_millinery). She is also a display artist whose works have been shown at the National Design Centre and Gardens by the Bay. She’s absolutely amazing and we simply cannot wait to see what heights she’ll be reaching next.

Floral Fantasy, which officially opened to the public on 14 April 2019, is the latest attraction at Gardens by the Bay. Located at Bayfront MRT station, Floral Fantasy is an elaborate and impressive floral oasis featuring four garden landscapes and an Artists’ Corner which features a sequence of emerging floral artists from Singapore, and allows them to showcase their work on a regular basis.

Attached to Floral Fantasy is a cold room that’s sponsored by Far East Flora, as well as a casual cafe. It’s definitely become our new favourite destination in Singapore for a coffee and floral fix!

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