Beverly's Blooms


Bespoke, Elegant and Empowering

Established in 2016, Beverly’s Blooms started out as a bespoke floral arrangement subscription service that brought beauty and light streaming straight into our clients’ offices and homes. We’ve since evolved into a company that helps our clients bring their biggest, wildest floral installation fantasies to life. Whether it be through fresh, dried or preserved botanical materials, our unorthodox, daring arrangements are guaranteed to excite, engage and inspire. Combined with our exceptionally attentive, forward-thinking service, you’re guaranteed to be delighted by our blooms.

Our Story

Beverly’s Blooms is headed up by Min Yong, a Melburnian world-traveller, at its heart. Born out of a desire to take chances and live an extraordinary life, Beverly’s Blooms’ biggest mission is to celebrate life and remind people that life is beautiful. We do this by creating moments for everybody to stop and smell the roses – literally.

While visiting a friend in San Francisco and chatting over a glass of wine, Min came to realise that the three things she loves most in life are: Children, Flowers, and Commerce. As a new mum, she also recognised that if she were to do anything that takes time away from her treasured kids, it had to be something that made her unequivocally happy; something that was worth waking up to do each and every day.

The business that she first created, a floral subscription service that helped the people of Singapore celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates without forgetting the flowers, did extraordinarily well and was featured in The Straits Times; but to Min, there was something missing about it, something that didn’t quite feel complete. She found that missing piece when she began doing larger floral installations- and thus, Beverly’s Blooms now exclusively does tremendous floral arrangements for select clients and large, meaningful events.

More than anything, Min believes that anyone can do what they love and pursue their passions, no matter what stage of life they’re in. And so, Beverly’s Blooms was named after her daughter, Beverly, as a way to not only remember what’s most important to her, but also in the hopes of inspiring her children to always follow their dreams and do what they love.

She currently calls Singapore home.

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